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There's fresh bread and water here.


Days are longer than nights.

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Shishir has been correcting a lot of sentences lately.


Each part of the book starts with a quote taken from the life of the author: a passage from a book, a question asked to a stranger on the road, something shouted by a girlfriend.

Here's the thing.

I'm waiting for Jagath to get back.

I will go to the market.

We can't just give up on him.

He loves nightclubs.

You'll never guess what I saw this morning.

The soldiers could see him now.

Those and Hirofumi are like-minded.

Do you have a motto?

His acting is far from being perfect.

That's a tree.

Hector slept like a baby.

Fear no more the boss's bark, nor all the union steward's rages.

You are young and healthy and you will surely live a long life.

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It follows from this that he was aware of the fact.

I gave him what little information I had.

This bus stops at all railway crossings.

Prison is the school of crime.

It really did happen just the way Suzan said it did.

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He has over a million dollars in assets.


Tell her that I am joking.

Bret finished his beer and then got up to leave.

What did Masanobu and Blake name their baby?

She liked the ball too much, that's what killed her.

Don't forget to take advantage of all the resources available on the Internet to help you improve your English. There are a lot of things like videos, music, audio files, films and other interesting things.


I'll love you until I die.

They'll tell me in my room.

The police made the witness explain in detail how the accident had happened.


He is one of the business leaders in Japan.

No one went out on that balcony.

Release the hostages.

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I'm at the prison.

I'm in front of the bakery.

A tiger will attack people when it is hungry.


He grappled with his brother.

Why are you not listening to me?

The last hope fled from his mind.

No words can express her deep sorrow.

Renu is going to pick me up at the station.

Tammy loves playing dress-up with her doll.

You don't have to get up early.

Ranjit crashed.

I hope it's OK.

I wouldn't do that even if you paid me.

Mara didn't talk to Donn.

The cheese is not yellow.

The anger in her face was unmistakeable.

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She put on a sweater so she wouldn't catch a cold.

I feel very tired, too.

The battle of Waterloo became famous.

I don't know where I should look.

Traitors will be deported.

I always expect trouble.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Through this match, I realized my inadequacies.

We're all very fortunate.

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When young, she was very popular.

The entire nation was glad at the news.

Peggy's car ran out of gas.

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Shutoku looked deeply into Nadeem's eyes.

I'll give this book to whoever wants it.

He even called me an idiot.

He is the real racist for saying that.

Linda seemed successful.

Maybe you can get Space to tell Mahmoud that.

He did what he had been told; otherwise he would have been scolded.


It is a white lie.

The road is straight, but the slope is steep.

I make my own decisions.

The blue lines on the map designate rivers.

Hunger makes anything taste good.

What are your assumptions based on?

A critic is a person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody tries to please him.

There were white clouds sailing in the sky.

We understand you perfectly.


The castle, it is open today?

Olson unscrewed the light bulb.

If you go into the forest, watch out for the ogres who eat children!


Jesus wrote carefully.

I was the only one drunk at the party.

Lastly, she went to the United States.

She works for a large American corporation.



The snow began to fall so thickly that the little boy could not see his own hand.


She's blond and slim.

Heidi is going to be here any minute.

Vinod usually wears dungarees.

He tried in vain to open the locked door.

They can't be serious.

The storm has been raging for three days.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.


Do not choose locations close to the air space to play game.

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Had you all been fighting when she left?


Do you like to gamble?

What was it that brought you to me?

Am I missing anything?

This tea is really sweet.

Raj can't remember exactly where he parked his car.

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Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

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It is safer to say that some men and some women are good at figures.

Tell me what you bought this afternoon.

The tropical sun glared down relentlessly.

Roosevelt's condition improved quickly.

We can't promise that.

You'll have to go.

You're really patient, aren't you?


The building will be made of concrete on a steel framework.

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We've got to go.

Shift workers often have problems sleeping because it's hard to create a quiet, dark atmosphere during the day.

One of my children was born with some unknown disease.

I can't save you.

This coat is too tight.


Do you have any good ideas?

Do you have a bowling ball?

Living is growing old, nothing more.

I anticipate a good vacation.

I wish I knew what is wrong with my car.


I know all about him.

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We just want to talk.

Driving along the coast is wonderful.

I heard Sharan hates Sid.

He has a date with Joseph this afternoon.

Wishing you a Halloween filled with fun.

Tuan was eliminated.

Jeans are just jeans. Why did you spend so much money on designer jeans?

I'll be playing tennis with Novorolsky this afternoon, but it's not something I'm really looking forward to.

Vinod was hit by a truck.

I couldn't help but overhear what you said to Jenine.

Lana decided to give up skateboarding after his accident.


Bruno is yelling at Jun.

The school year ended.

I was late.

He got himself up as Santa Claus.

She aimed for his mouth and missed.

Helge kept a rabid dog at his laboratory.

Are you miserable?

You might want to use this.

The CEO doesn't take his cellphone when he's not working.

Did Ravindran give you a hard time?

I wonder if Jon has already thought of that.

Anne looks like a typical American tourist.

Whose is this food?

The hero's speech touched the entire audience.

What does it take in these brave new days to keep word or pattern alive? You need but use it where gleaners can find it.

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I can always improve.

I'm not sure how to put this.

Ann liked it immediately.


Hard use has worn this bag.

Take that back.

You idiot! I swear! Screw this up one more time and it will be no more "Mr. Nice Guy". Capiche?

Do you have any more great ideas?

Philosophy is actually homesickness: the drive to be at home everywhere.

I'd like to point out some problems regarding your suggestion.

I can't do that to him.

Shall we eat anything?

Arlene said he didn't know where Dirk had gone.

Many shoes nowadays are made of plastics.

I don't want to.


I like the way you make scrambled eggs.

It's a very quiet room.

She did the unthinkable.

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I dropped my key somewhere around here.